Mother Teresa House


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Hospice Care, Lansing, MI

Mother Teresa House in downtown Lansing provides a home and hospice care for people with terminal illnesses. With reverence for life and service of love, a trained volunteer staff gives shelter, meals, personal care, and an around-the-clock supportive presence.

Our care services include much more than simply providing the physical care that is needed at the end of life.

  • We provide a home and become a family to those we serve.
  • There are no patients at Mother Teresa House, only guests.
  • Staff and volunteers offer care and comforting presence to our guests 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Mother Teresa House accepts guests from any faith, culture, or background. We serve people of all ages who suffer from any terminal illness. Several have neither family nor financial resources to obtain care from other sources. In fact, many of our guests would have likely died alone if we were not here to care for them.